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24.03.21 | Design

How to update your Instagram highlight covers (without posting)

By Amanda Kirkman

The problem, you’ve designed yourself, (or your client) some beautiful new Instagram highlight story covers — but you want to update them without having to post and clog your stories, no problem!

  1. After you’ve saved your images onto your phone via AirDrop or email, head to your profile page and tap the story highlights cover you want to edit
  2. Hit More in the bottom right-hand corner
  3. In the pop-up menu hit Edit Highlight
  1. Up the top hit Edit Cover
  2. Instead of selecting a cover from the film strip, tap the small photo icon to the left of the film strip
  3. Your library will pop-up. Select your recently saved image and hit Done in the top right-hand corner. Too easy!

Screenshots below as per March 2021.

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