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Built by Eli

Renovating the branding of a specialist Newcastle builder.

Branding & Website


Launched in 2012, Built by Eli is a construction company specialising in new homes builds, extension and renovation projects both in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. Due to constant positive word of mouth, their business had evolved whilst their branding and website had been left behind. Their brand needed a ‘renovation’, to appeal to their more premium audience interested in architectural design and sustainable practice.


We developed a new logo, branding and custom WordPress website for Built by Eli. The site acts as a new home to showcase their projects in a portfolio style — inspired by the architects they so often work with.

branding and website built by eli

Brand Evolution

Built by Eli’s previous logo was very ‘builder’ generic and was failing to stand out in the Newcastle marketplace. The new logo takes inspiration from the shape of a timber truss from inside a house — making it construction inspired without being too literal. The double geometric diamond shape comes together for use as a social media icon, giving the logo greater flexibility.

Built by Eli Logo Design
Built by Eli Logo Design Instagram Design
Built by Eli Logo Design Vikkis Place Curious Practice
Built by Eli Branding Mockup
Built by Eli Logo Design Website Wordpress
Built by Eli Website Mockup
Built by Eli Logo Design Vikkis Place
Built by Eli Logo Design Brand Guidelines
"Love your work! So happy with the outcome!"
— Eli Conroy, Owner

Architecture by Warren Haasnoot, Curious Practice
Architectural Photography by Katherine Lu

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