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The winds of change blowing through this Newcastle startup.

Brand Identity Design


Deckee is a Newcastle founded app that since launch has had over 26,000 total downloads. Their mission is to help people stay safe, informed and connected on the water. The Deckee brand needed to evolve to match their growing community, global ambitions and greater Government responsibilities.


The Deckee brand was in need of an update — however they had some great brand equity in their existing icon and colour palette. Because of this, we approached this project as an evolution, updating the primary mark and establishing a new graphic system and guidelines to take them into the future.

Deckee Logo Colour Palette
Deckee Before Rebrand Logo

Logo Evolution

The previous mark (a combination of a map marker and life preserver), was resembling a speech bubble. We updated it to more closely resemble a map marker and simplified the design. The previously used rounded typeface wasn’t appropriate for a professional app that is so focused on safety, the solid, uppercase wordmark corrects this.

Deckee Logo Branding Business Cards


The most popular feature of the Deckee app is weather tracking so it was appropriate we highlighted this feature in the graphic system. Taking direct inspiration from isobar markings on a weather map, the supporting graphics can be utilised in line or solid colour variations, and also integrated with photography for maximum flexibility.

Deckee Logo Branding Lanyard
Deckee Logo Branding Tote Bag


Whilst the overall brand has a focus on safety and reliability, we wanted to introduce a softer element for use with education and fun collateral for events. To do this we worked with illustrator Jace Prasil and developed a Deckee mascot inspired by classic nautical characters like Popeye. His body is a life preserver, (to reference the Deckee symbol), he wears a boating captains hat and has sailing rope inspired arms. Name to be confirmed!

"The consistent, high quality of work produced by Shorthand gave me complete confidence in their ability to deliver a rebrand for our company. Their process and workshops were engaging and thoughtful, they allowed plenty of opportunity for feedback, and the results are exactly what we were hoping to achieve. Thank you, guys."
Mike McKiernan, Deckee CEO

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