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Living in Recovery

Visualising compassion-focused therapy for an online audience.

Brand Identity & Web Design


Spending time off work because of injury can lead to significant psychological and social difficulties. Living in Recovery was founded by a team of expert researchers and psychologists aimed at translating the clinical model of compassion-focused therapy into a digital format that can be accessed at home.


We worked with the team at Living in Recovery to develop a brand identity and website aimed at providing an engaging, useful resource that can be accessed early to help prevent the likelihood of ongoing psychological and social difficulties of workplace leave due to injury.

The Living in Recovery logo is inspired by the clinical model of compassion-focused therapy. Emotions are regularly represented using the three-circle visual of drive, threat, and soothing. We have evolved the circle model using patterns representative of each emotion, whilst forming an ‘L’.

Shorthand took the time to understand what we needed - right down to the model's underlying theory. And then delivered an incredible design that hit every element we were looking for. Not only that, they were fast, responsive, and fun to work with too. Awesome work guys.
Jamin Day, PhD

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