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Shining a light on the Hunter’s film industry champions

A new look and website for Screen Hunter.


Screen Hunter is the regional film office for the Hunter region of NSW. They work to promote the Hunter as a location for film productions as well as offering permits, advice and specific location information. Despite playing a role in major productions such as Superman Returns and the Matrix Reloaded the organisation was under appreciated. We were challenged to revitalise the organisation with a fresh brand identity and website that showcases the Hunter while providing assistance for film productions.


Our solution presents Screen Hunter as a film industry leader and an asset to the Hunter region’s tourism economy. The confident bold approach to typography and colour shows that the organisation has the clout to not only attract local productions, but Hollywood as well.

Screen Hunter Logo
Screen Hunter Old Logo

Brand Evolution

The new logo is designed to give a sense of movement. By repeating the logo at the top and bottom it appears as a reel of film playing through a projector.

As a nod to the original, we reappropriated the blue and green colour palette (a reference to the green hills of the Hunter Valley and blue water of coastline) as a projection light leak.

Screen Hunter Logo Variations
Screen Hunter Business Card
Superman Movie
Screen Hunter Stationery
Daniel Johns Screen Hunter
Screen Hunter Website
Screen Hunter Vehicle Livery
It was an absolute pleasure working with the team. You delivered above and beyond what I was expecting and I loved how you got to know our business and then shared it through our new design. We are thrilled with the website you have created. It has been such a pleasure working with you.
Annette Hubber, Manager at Screen Hunter

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