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Annual Report Design

Highlighting your achievements and capabilities through insightful design.

Annual reports can be so much more than page after page of financial figures and statutory reports. Bring your activities to life on the page and elevate this key yearly publication into a strategic marketing opportunity by reflecting the personality and vision of your brand throughout. We’ll help you highlight key achievements for existing stakeholders and promote your capabilities to potential clients and investors with slick and insightful design.



We begin by finding out about your annual report needs and putting together a detailed brief. What is it? Who is it for? When do you need it? What does it need to do?

Stage 2: DESIGN

Once we have a completed brief, we move onto the design stage, compiling the supplied content into a beautiful piece of communication.


Production on any print project requires a high-level of training and experience. We organise all specifications, quotes and production from within the agency to keep your project streamlined and stress-free.


Why work with a professional designer for an annual report?

Partnering with a professional designer can transform your annual report from a bog-standard presentation of facts and financial figures into an engaging and memorable way to highlight the values, vision, culture and mission of your organisation. Working with us also means you can focus on what you want your annual report to say, saving you many frustrating hours of fiddling with page-breaks and formatting. We’ll apply professional layout theory and expert design to truly bring your year’s activities to life on the page.

Can you do infographics?

Yes! Carefully crafted infographics are a great way to simplify complex information for maximum impact. Talk to us about the numbers and activities you’d like to leave your readers with a lasting impression of and we’ll help bring these to life in a way that’s true to your brand.

Can we have an online version of our annual report?

We can customise the production of your annual report to your needs, be they traditional high quality print, digital formats, or a combination of the two. Generally speaking, those who view your annual report online already have an interest in your organisation, so it’s a great opportunity to engage those who may also be potential future clients or employees with an engaging and insightful embodiment of your organisation’s personality, values and culture.


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