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Logo Design

Crafting your brand’s key identifier and one of your most valuable assets.

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem or symbol used to represent your business, company or organisation. It can be either literal or abstract, or just include a name stylised as a wordmark.


Stage 1: Strategy

We begin by getting a good understanding of your business, learning about your offer, goals, audience and competitors. This determines your brand positioning in the broader market and guides the direction of design decisions to come.

Stage 2: Design

We work together with you to develop a moodboard of inspirational imagery. This joint vision for the look and feel of your brand guides us as we begin developing a single, focused concept for your brand identity.

Stage 3: Production

Once approved, we create a comprehensive library of the brand assets used in your brand identity – optimised for both print and digital. We document and store all your brand assets through a password-protected online brand guide.


What is the purpose of a logo?

Your logo represents your business to the world, establishing your identity and leading to brand recognition. What does the style or colour say about your business? Does it match your brand purpose and personality? Does it communicate the who, what and why of your brand? A an effective and professional logo should do all of these things.

What makes a professional logo effective?

A logo should be distinctive, memorable and clear. It needs to work across a variety of formats and be scalable for use on social media. Effective logos will be easy to read and understand, and will be used consistently in conjunction with your full brand identity (colours, typography, photography style). There should be a memorable factor in your logo that people will recognise every time they see it, be it through a symbol, icon, wordmark or monogram.

Why use a professional graphic designer for a logo?

We’ve all ‘got a mate that has photoshop’, but engaging a professional designer to develop your logo will elevate it to a level that will reflect well upon your business. Only the experience of a professionally trained designer will ensure that the subtle-elements of design are accounted for. A poorly-executed or managed logo can rapidly damage your brand, leaving an impression reflects poorly upon how the rest of your business operates.


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