Graphic Design

Print Design

Designing and laying out traditional print materials, from catalogues to annual reports.

What is print design?

Print design is the application of graphic design to an item makes its way to a printer and into physical form. This can range from something small like a business card or pin, to books, brochures, all the way up to large banners and billboards.

Frequently asked questions

Why hire a professional print designer?

Engaging a professional graphic designer to produce your printed items is a great way to ensure your print materials remain on brand and are of the highest quality. Internally-produced communications have a place, but professionally created design can elevate your communications to a new level of quality and finish. We apply our expertise in layout, typography and art direction to produce print materials for impact.

What technical requirements are required for print design?

Technical print requirements can be overwhelming – you can lean on our expertise in colour reproduction, paper, printing and finishing technology to get your idea from the screen to the page in no time.

Why is print knowledge important?

Don’t know your offset from your digital? Letterpress from lithograph? We can quickly identify the the best printing method for your print project and who is the best person to do it. Not all printers are created equal, with different printers specialising in different formats and methods. We can also recommend the best card and paper stocks for your product, and any additional print finishes. You don’t have to be the expert – use our knowledge to find the best result for your budget.

Our print design process

Stage 1: Discovery

We begin by finding out about your specific project and putting together a detailed brief. What is it? Who is it for? When do you need it? What does it need to do?

Stage 2: Design

Once we have a completed brief, we move onto the design stage, compiling the supplied content into a beautiful piece of communication.

Stage 3: Production

Production on any print project requires a high-level of training and experience. We organise all specifications, quotes and production from within the studio to keep your project streamlined and stress-free.

About Shorthand

A design studio

Shorthand is a design studio based in Newcastle, Australia. We blend expertise in brand, digital and graphic design to help businesses define and communicate their brand. Our name, taken from the classic writing-system of symbolic abbreviation, represents the fundamentals of our work – distilling the essence of a brand and expressing it visually.

Shorthand was founded by Amanda and Scott Kirkman in 2014, when the pair brought several years of experience at top creative agencies in Melbourne back home to Newcastle. We are a design studio, not an agency. We are intentionally small, favouring quality over quantity. We don’t have account managers or a sales team, so you know you will be working directly with us. We bring our big agency experience to projects of all sizes, partnering with brands from Sydney to San Francisco.

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