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Signage & Wayfinding

Applying your brand and messaging to your businesses’ spatial environment.

What is signage & wayfinding design?

Signage and wayfinding design encapsulate visuals that help a person find where they need to go. They can simply show the location of a business, or how to get somewhere and can include both brand awareness and informational purposes. To compare, simple signage could be the vinyl graphics on a shop window, where as wayfinding can expand to complex navigation systems in a large hospital.

Frequently asked questions

What are the key elements important for signage and wayfinding?

Key elements include logo placement, optimal text count, background colours, content and recommended fabrication.

As signage format and construction can vary considerably in terms of budget, it is important to consider your expectations when beginning a signage project. If you are concerned about the cost, or just not sure, speak to us about getting some ballparks for production and installation as there are many options available.

On the more cost effective end are banners, a-frames, flags, corflutes, laser cut vinyl, acrylic, timber and aluminium. On the more expensive end is hand painted lettering or foiling, back-lit signs, vehicle livery, electronic signage, illuminated signs, individual cut letters and neon signs.

It’s also worth considering the installation itself. Do you need strata or landlord permission? Will your installer need to use a cherry picker or safety harness? Does your local council need to be notified? These are all questions and considerations your designer can help you with.

Our signage & wayfinding design process

Stage 1: Briefing

We begin by finding out about your specific project and putting together a detailed brief. What is it? Who is it for? When do you need it? What does it need to do? We will always combine this with a site visit to determine the locations with the best visibility for your installations.

Stage 2: Design

Once we have a completed brief, we move onto the design stage. Here we will utilise supplied content and your brand identity to mock up concepts over site photographs to ensure an accurate representation of our ideas.

Stage 3: Production

Production on any signage project requires a high-level of training and experience. Shorthand organise all specifications, quotes and production from within the studio to keep your project streamlined and stress-free.

About Shorthand

A design studio

Shorthand is a design studio based in Newcastle, Australia. We blend expertise in brand, digital and graphic design to help businesses define and communicate their brands to their audience. Our name, taken from the classic writing-system of abbreviation using symbols represents the fundamentals of our work – distilling down the essence of a brand and expressing it visually.

Shorthand was founded in 2014 by Amanda and Scott Kirkman. After spending several years working at top creative agencies in Melbourne, the pair brought their unique experience back home to Newcastle. We are a design studio – not an agency. We don’t have account managers or a sales team, so you know you will be working directly with us. Shorthand was started the intent of staying small, favouring quality over quantity. Today we still stick by that ethos, partnering with brands both small and large from Newcastle to Sydney, Melbourne to San Francisco.

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