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Designing an engaging online presence for your brand – from the simple to the complex.

What is web design?

Web design involves planning and organising the layout and function of the graphic elements of a website. It requires a specialist knowledge of the freedoms and limitations of web development. Web design (look, feel and function) is not to be confused with web development (translating the look, feel and function into code).

Frequently asked questions

What is the role of a website designer?

A web designer’s role is to ensure that the information on your website is presented in the optimal way to communicate your key messages, provide an easy-to-follow experience, and stay true to your brand identity. A web designer translates your ideas into compelling visual communication. We work closely with web developers to then bring your website to life.

What are the best practices of web design?

The best web design takes into account all the elements of a website so they work in harmony. This can include strategy, layout, user experience (UX), typography, colour, animation, interaction and responsive design. When all of these elements are considered together (along with great web development and SEO as well!) — you can up with a fantastic digital product!

What about web content?

If you don’t already have a clear idea of the content for your website, we can help with content creation. We can help with copywriting, photography, video and other content. We can also work with content from an existing website.

Our Website Design Process

Stage 1: Discovery

We begin by getting a good understanding of your business and objectives to define your purpose online. From there we develop a sitemap to consider all key pages, showing their relationship to each other and determining how the overall navigation should be structured.

Stage 1.5: Content (Optional)

This is where we produce the content and information that your final site is going to hold. This can include copywriting, photography and/or video.

Stage 2: Design

We plan the layout of your website using a wireframe to create a visual framework. From there, we populate the wireframe and style it to reflect your brand identity. We present the design in context as a clickable prototype.

Stage 3: Development

Our developers start the coding process to bring your website to life.

Stage 4: Testing

We test your website on a variety of platforms, devices and environments, making any necessary fixes or adjustments.

Stage 5: Launch

Once approved, we send your project live!

About Shorthand

A design studio

Shorthand is a design studio based in Newcastle, Australia. We blend expertise in brand, digital and graphic design to help businesses define and communicate their brand. Our name, taken from the classic writing-system of symbolic abbreviation, represents the fundamentals of our work – distilling the essence of a brand and expressing it visually.

Shorthand was founded by Amanda and Scott Kirkman in 2014, when the pair brought several years of experience at top creative agencies in Melbourne back home to Newcastle. We are a design studio, not an agency. We are intentionally small, favouring quality over quantity. We don’t have account managers or a sales team, so you know you will be working directly with us. We bring our big agency experience to projects of all sizes, partnering with brands from Sydney to San Francisco.

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